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Teaching and education

The numbers of education institutions, both private and public, have increased sharply the past 15 years in Vietnam, as a result of the government’s strategy to encourage investment in the educational sector. As the strong economic growth keeps continuing in Vietnam, more families can afford better schools and private tutoring for their children. Many parents sees foreign universities, both in Vietnam and abroad, as a good investment to get a leg up for their children. One of the most important skills required in the university entry requirements are languages. The main languages being English, French, Chinese and Japanese, with English as the most required language. Therefore, English Language Centers in particular, are popping up everywhere in Vietnam. Come and be a part of this exciting growth with an internship in Vietnam’s educational sector.



  • The education industry is booming in Vietnam
  • Vietnam has thousands of local and international schools, universities, language centers and student recruitment agencies
  • More Vietnamese families are looking for better education opportunities for their children than those found in the public schools
Typical host organizations

High schools, universities, child care centers, kindergartens, student recruitment agencies, English preparation centers, training centers

Typical internship roles

Teaching, child care, advising, counseling, recruitment, training