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Logistics and supply chain

Made in Vietnam! Yep, you have probably seen that line on the label of your snickers or clothes or on the brass plate on your furniture. Vietnam is a major manufacturing hub, but how do you get the product from factory to store? How do you ensure the quality lives up to Western standards? Vietnam undoubtedly has huge potential of further growth and development within the Logistic/Supply Chain/Warehouse sector and you can experience it first-hand through an internship.


The advantages of Vietnam

  • Insight into Vietnamese culture, traditions, infrastructure and regulations is essential to any professional that trades with Vietnam
  • High demand of import and export
  • Top choice of investment destination for multinational manufacturers in South East Asia
  • Fast developing infrastructure
  • Many MNC’s and foreign companies within shipping, logistics and manufacturing are established in Vietnam
  • Vietnam is moving up the value chain from basic production to more advanced production creating new demands
  • Stable and fast-growing economy
  • Fast growing middle-class
  • A population of over 90 million people and mega cities like HCMC with over 10 million people requires efficient infrastructure and logistics solutions


Typical host organizations

Manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, warehouses and distribution centers, consulting firms, freight forwarders, shipping firms and trade organizations

Typical internship roles

Shipping, sourcing, purchasing, planning, coordination, quality control, strategy, optimization, logistics, sales and marketing

Business and Social Sciences, Engineering and Science