Human Resources and Management |
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Human Resources and Management

Humans make the core of every organization. Values and beliefs, and not least culture help define humans and our behavior. Understanding how to motivate people is a success criteria in any HR and management strategy. Vietnam differs tremendously from the West, but also from other Asian countries. Many international companies and organizations experience challenges when trying to implement Western management principles. Get first-hand experience and learn how to work in a Vietnamese and multicultural environment, through an internship. HR interns can do internships in any industry and will usually be part of an organization’s HR department.


Advantages of Vietnam

  • Gain an understanding of Vietnamese culture and etiquette
  • Learn how to manage and motivate a Vietnamese/and or multinational workforce
  • Vietnam has high labor turnover and HR departments focus on retention and quick on-boarding of new staff
  • Many companies in the West outsources to Vietnam
Typical host organizations

Multinational corporations, foreign owned companies, non-profit organizations, education institutions

Typical internship roles

HR management, HR administration, recruitment, student recruitment, talent development, retention, incentives, labor law, events, training

Business and Social Sciences