Events, Hospitality and Tourism |
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Events, Hospitality and Tourism

Be part of Vietnam’s booming tourism industry. Exciting opportunities exist for students enrolled in hospitality and tourism programs. While the majority of our host organizations are hotels and restaurants, many students also choose to work with event planning in private companies and non-profit organization.



  • The tourism industry is booming
  • Vietnam offers beautiful scenery, over 3000 km of coastline, beautiful beaches, a rich history and culture, amazing cuisine, large cities, great nightlife, a friendly population and warm tropical climate
  • Ho Chi Minh City offers thousands of local and international restaurants
  • Vietnamese cuisine is making its entry into Western kitchens and restaurants
  • Vietnam has already attracted many international hotel and restaurant chains including Sheraton, Hilton, McDonald’s and Starbucks


Typical host organizations

Hotels, restaurants, night clubs and lounges, travel agencies, tour operators, event firms, social enterprises, private companies and non-profit organizations.

Typical internship roles

Guest services, hotel operations, front desk, F&B management, F&B operations, marketing, sales, event planning

Business and Social Sciences