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Event & Marketing intern at exclusive sky bar

Company Description

This food and beverage group owns and operates exclusive restaurants, bars and lounges. Being located on the top of a skyscraper, your workplace offers an amazing view of the beautiful Ho Chi Minh City skyline. Vietnam’s rich and famous flock here to drink cocktails or enjoy a dinner in the restaurant. As an intern, you will be part of the marketing department, which is known for bringing celebrities including David Beckham to its venues. If you like social media, networking and marketing within the entertainment industry, this is the perfect internship.



Event planning:

  • Work with events team in creating innovative ideas, designing and implementing events,event decoration, rehearsals, DJ’s, entertainment, costume, effects, lighting and sound
  • Work on event scheduling for monthly, quarterly and yearly and budgeting.
  • Analyze event performance and prepare metrics presentation.

Event execution:

  • Ensure proper event procedures.
  • Supervise all the executions on the event date to make sure everything happens
  • Handle relevant logistics for the event performers: hotel, flight, transportation and negotiate fees.
  • Drive attendance to the event.
  • Ensure rehearsal of performers to perfection before the actual event.
  • Liaise with light & sound team.
  • Entertain artists.
  • Promote the event using flyers, cold calling, and social media as examples of ways to spark attention.
  • Follow up payments to suppliers, vendors for their participation in the event.
  • Set up booths, flowers, decorations, and other event decor.
  • Ensure event happening goes smoothly.
  • Monitor and be responsible for logistics supplies prior to event and clearance procedure after event. Return venue to normal operation.Job Description Capella Entertainment Corporation

Marketing planning and execution:

  • Assist with ideas and content creation for all social media platforms for all venues.
  • Monitor online visibility of all outlets and ensure positive representation of the outlets is always maintained.
  • Seek out and assist with development and details for new online content, expat websites, magazine reviews, guidebook profiles.
  • Research and record competitor development and online profiles.
  • Assist with all online content, photo selection, video production, show filming, effects and general ambiance shots.
  • Assist with Press Kits, online brochures and sale kits and there production.
  • Occasionally monitor guest experience at various outlets.
  • Conduct and record competitor pricing and events.
  • Contribute to meetings with ideas and experimental content

As soon as possible


Preferably 6 months


Education required: Bachelor's degree Skills: Offer innovative ideas for events, excellent time management skills, flexibility, extensive skills, multi-dimensional experience, excellent organizational skills, capabilities in liaison, budgeting and coordination and resourcefulness to organize top quality events; Language: Fluent English


Lunch meal


District 1, HCMC





Internship Package

Events, Hospitality and Tourism, Sales and Marketing