Economics and Finance |
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Economics and Finance

The Next 11, an emerging market and a developing economy. You have probably read about it in your textbook, but how about experiencing it at first hand. Vietnam offers great investment opportunities and has already attracted many foreign companies. Come to learn how textbook theories are being applied in real life and test your knowledge and skills in a fast-paced environment. Internship opportunities for students enrolled in finance and economics programs may be in the finance, investment and consulting industries or in a finance or business development department of a company.


The advantages of Vietnam

  • Insight into Vietnamese culture, infrastructure and regulations is essential to anyone who wishes to invest in Vietnam
  • Stable and fast-growing economy
  • Top choice of investment destination for Multinational manufacturers in South East Asia
  • Fast-paced, high risk and high return characterizes the Vietnamese investment environment
Typical host organizations

Investment firms, insurance brokers, consulting firms, finance departments in medium to large-sized private companies

Typical internship roles

Finance, accounting, investment, analytics, risk management, advising, bookkeeping, fundraising, research

Business and Social Sciences