Communications and Project Development Intern at NGO |
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Communications and Project Development Intern at NGO


While statistics on Vietnam prove that access to basic human needs is actively increasing, there still lies a marginalized gap between the major cities and rural provinces. In the rural province of Quang Nam, where this NGO mainly operates, a vast amount of families survive on just $2 per day. In order to alleviate poverty in this region, the primary focus should be laid on providing education, healthcare and aid to the children who live in these conditions and provide them with the adequate resources and knowledge needed to build a more sustainable future.

Size of organization: Between 5 and 19 employees


Tasks and responsibilities

1. Answering e-mails of international donors and partners;

2. Seeking for potential new donors/funding leads;

3. Creating new ideas for future projects

4. Reporting in English on current programs;

5. Fieldwork (weekly)


Learning objectives

The intern will learn what it is like working in a non-profit environment and all the challenges that come along with it. Furthermore, a broader perspective on the unequal distribution of wealth will be seen and this will make a change in the way the intern sees the world. A focus will lay on (international) communications and applying for funds. To do so, a detailed project plan will have to be made. During the internship, the intern will try to master these three aspects.

Start date

Januar 1, 2018 or later


Minimum 1 month, preferably 6 months


Education: Higher education, preferably English speaking Language: English. Vietnamese is not required, but is a big plus. Reporting skills must be up to date and formal Subject to background check


Meals are provided while at work


Hoi An

Application deadline

Minimum 1 month prior to start date

Internship package

Reference ID

Administration, Communication, Events, Hospitality and Tourism, Human Resources and Management, Sales and Marketing, Social and Health, Teaching and Education